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Cast Spells are song by written and performed by David Davidson

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Track Name: Good Old War - Breaking Down
You're breaking Down on your own
I don't say no

Sometimes I swear it's not real
With all the things that I have done, not the last one
I'd never ask for something that I can handle on my own
just to test you

I don't say no, you're breaking down on your own
You're breaking down

Collect your thoughts a second,
Have I done anything that's wrong?
I really don't know
Your only competition is just the music I have done
Not the new songs


Well you can't just make up something, there has got to be some truth
I never wanted a fight
And if I've done something wrong I'll be the first one to admit
I never wanted a fight
I never wanted a fight
Track Name: Good Old War - Texas Blues
Texas blues

In the night
In the night
In the night baby don't make me fight

Make me beg
Make me beg
In our bed baby do what you like

Oh, I won't leave for anything at all

We are friends
We are friends
We depend on incredible lenses

To see things
To see things
To see things you can't see for yourself

Oh I won't leave for anything.

I've made mistakes that have done me no good and I can't be sure that I won't make more